IGTools: Get Free Instagram Followers, Likes and Views

Are you struggling to gain followers and likes on your new Instagram fan account? Look no further! Introducing IGTools, the go-to auto-liker and follower booster app. Popular among the youth and social media influencers, IGTools is your ticket to Instagram stardom.

This article provides insights into IGTools, a platform that offers Instagram likes, followers, and views. It also introduces an alternative app, IG Liker, which provides similar services without requiring Instagram login credentials.

Unlock a World of Possibilities

IGTools is a popular tool that offers a range of Instagram services, allowing users to acquire likes, followers, views, and comments. It features a user-friendly interface that resembles a control panel, making navigation straightforward. Users can access IGTools without the need for a separate sign-up process; they simply log in with their Instagram account.

What is IGTools?

IGTools is an online tool designed to help Instagram users increase their followers rapidly. In a world where everyone wants to grow their Instagram presence quickly, platforms like IGTools.net come to the rescue, catering to the Indian Instagram community.

Does IGTools Work?

While some features of IGTools may be under maintenance, others are functional. Here’s what works:

  • Real Instagram Likes and Followers: IGTools provides likes, followers, and views from real and active Instagram users. This engagement is likely to be more consistent and interactive.
  • Free Instagram Views: IGTools offers free Instagram views, including Reels views, video views, story views, and live views. Users can access these views by logging in to the platform.
  • Stories with Story Views: This feature adds views to your story, but its purpose isn’t entirely clear.
  • Send IGTV Views: This feature works as intended, increasing views on IGTV videos.
  • Send Comments Likes: Unfortunately, this feature didn’t work as expected, even after completing CAPTCHA tests.
  • Send Poll Votes: You can use this feature successfully for two-choice polls.
  • Fast Delivery: IGTools promises fast delivery of likes, followers, and views. According to user reviews, these engagements are typically delivered within 1-3 minutes after successfully connecting their Instagram account.
  • Safe and Secure: IGTools requires users to log in with their Instagram credentials. While it claims to maintain user confidentiality, the safety of providing login information to a third-party website remains a concern.

Is IGTools Safe to Use?

Safety is a significant concern when using Instagram enhancement tools. Losing your Instagram account can be devastating. Before using any such tool, it’s crucial to do your research and ensure its reliability.

How to Install IGTools App on Android

Follow these steps to install IGTools.net on your Android device:

  1. Download IGTools from the provided link.
  2. Locate the downloaded APK file and tap it to initiate the installation.
  3. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  4. Once installed, open the app and start using it.

What About iOS Users?

Unfortunately, IGTools.net is not currently accessible for iOS devices. However, there are alternatives available for iOS users.

Using IGTools for Instagram Growth (3 Steps):

Here are steps on how to use IGTools to obtain Instagram likes, followers, and views:

1. How to Get Free Instagram Likes:

  • Visit the IGTools.net likes service.
  • Choose “Likes” and click “Go to service.”
  • Complete human verification and log in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Your IGTools likes will be delivered shortly.

2. How to Get Free Instagram Followers:

  • Visit the IGTools.net followers service.
  • Select “Followers.”
  • Click “Log in” and provide your IG username and password.
  • You will receive free IGTools followers once logged in.

3. How to Get Free Instagram Views:

  • Visit the IGTools.net views service.
  • Choose from “Video view,” “Story Views,” or “Live Views” to access views.
  • Log in with your Instagram username and password.
  • Wait for the delivery of IGTools free views.

IGTools Installation Requirements

IGTools requires Android 5.0 or above and works best with updated device software. Please note that it’s currently only available for Android users.

IGTools Features

IGTools offers a range of features:

  1. Free Followers: Quickly increase your followers.
  2. Free Likes: Boost likes on your posts.
  3. Free Saved Posts: Increase saves for your posts.
  4. Free Poll Votes: Get more votes for your polls.
  5. Free Comment Likes: Automatically like comments on your posts.
  6. Free Emoji Comments: Add emoji comments to your posts.
  7. Free Video Views: Boost views for your videos.
  8. Free Story Views: Increase views on your Instagram stories.
  9. Free Live Views: Attract more viewers to your live videos.

How to Use IG Liker for Instagram Growth:

Here are steps to get free Instagram likes, followers, and views using IG Liker:

1. How to Get IG Likes for Free:

  • Download and install IG Liker on your device (GetInsta for Android, Getinsup for iOS).
  • Sign up using your email and link your Instagram account using your username.
  • Earn free coins by completing tasks.
  • Use the earned coins to order free IG likes.

2. How to Get IG Followers for Free:

  • Download and install IG Liker on your phone.
  • Create an account and link it to your Instagram using your username.
  • Navigate to the Profile menu and tap “Get Followers Now” to receive free followers.

3. How to Get IG Views for Free:

  • Download and install IG Liker.
  • Acquire Instagram followers and likes using the earned coins.
  • Post a video after your follower count increases, and free Instagram views will be delivered shortly.

App Usability

IGTools offers a user-friendly interface. You can use most of the tools without logging in, making it convenient for various tasks.

Increase Engagement in the Comment Section

Increase the authenticity of your Instagram account by boosting comments and comment likes on your posts.

Uplift Instagram Posts with Unlimited Likes

Gain more likes on your photos and reels, enhancing your visibility on Instagram.

Bring More People into Live Polls and Videos

Attract more viewers to your live sessions and stand out as a social media influencer.

IG Liker: The Alternative to IGTools

IG Liker is presented as an alternative to IGTools, offering free Instagram followers and likes without the need for login credentials. Here are some of its features:

  • 100% Free: IG Liker provides a completely free service where users earn coins by completing tasks, such as liking posts and following accounts, which can then be exchanged for free Instagram likes and followers.
  • Real Engagement: IG Liker promotes organic growth, with real Instagram users engaging with your content. It avoids the use of fake likes and followers.
  • No Login, No Password: IG Liker requires only the Instagram username, ensuring that users do not need to share their password or conduct any surveys. It is considered a safer option.
  • Safe and Clean: The app is safe, free of viruses and malware, and can be found on trusted platforms like Google Play and the App Store. It delivers likes and followers at a reasonable pace to ensure security and avoid triggering Instagram algorithms.


This article provided an overview of IGTools, a tool that offers Instagram likes, followers, and views but requires Instagram login credentials. For those concerned about security issues related to sharing login information, IG Liker was introduced as a safer alternative. IG Liker is a free app that enables users to gain real Instagram likes and followers without the need for login credentials, surveys, or risks. By following the steps outlined in the article, users can enhance their Instagram presence safely and effectively.


Is IGTools MOD APK safe?

Yes, IGTools MOD APK is safe to download and use, but it’s essential to take precautions and run virus scans.

Should I log in with my original account on IGTools APK?

For security reasons, it’s recommended to use a fake account rather than your primary one.

Do I have to pay for extra followers and likes?

No, IGTools offers free followers, likes, views, and comments within hourly limits, making it a cost-effective solution for Instagram growth.

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