Instalooker – The Best Instagram Profile Viewer for free 2024

You will learn about the features and usage of Instalooker in this post. Discover why you have to utilize this Instagram profile viewer by reading on! An extensive analysis of this free utility may be found in this post. The most recent version of Instalooker is available for download on the official website.

The primary drawback of the app is that in order to see anything online, you must first download it from the official Instagram website. You can use the free version if you’re just starting out and don’t have much patience.

What is Instalooker?

A web-based tool called Instalooker assists you in locating a hidden Instagram profile. You may also see all of their activity, including movies and pictures. Using this program, you can identify real profiles and stay away from scammers. It does not, however, function with all social networking accounts. You must have a social media account with the same username as the person you want to spy on in order to utilize Instalooker.

Ever wanted to snoop on someone’s Instagram or Facebook profile? You’ve certainly been wondering, “What is Instalooker?” This online application lets you view someone’s encrypted profile and all of its information.

Additionally, the program needs human authentication, so you can’t view someone else’s posts without their consent. You can browse around the account and download its contents after you’ve confirmed the person’s identity and the appearance of their account.

With Instalooker, you may observe someone’s Instagram activity without really following them. It’s ideal for spying on your crush or competitor. Utilizing the application is both simple and entirely safe. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the security of your device, this website offers excellent virus and malware protection.

Thus, give this Instagram viewer a try right now if you’re curious about its capabilities. You won’t be sorry. Download the app and check out who you can spy on when you’re ready to spy on someone. The number of profiles you can spy on with this program will astound you!

Does Instalooker work?

This question lacks a conclusive response. Some argue that Instalooker Instagram Viewer is a genuine and useful application, while others call it a hoax. It’s critical to comprehend the features and operation of this Instagram spy viewer in order to make an informed choice.

To put it simply, Instalooker is a web application that lets users explore Instagram users’ public profiles without needing to follow them. It gathers information from the Instagram API to do this. This implies that you need to have an Instagram account in order to utilize this online viewer.

How is the Instagram Viewer on Instalooker used?

Because all you need is the Instagram user’s username, using this online viewer is really easy. The steps to use the Instalooker Instagram Viewer are as follows:

1. Go to

Visit the following website,, and select the “Spy Now” option:

2. Type the Instagram user’s username here.

After entering the Instagram user’s username, choose “Check Username.”

3. “Purpose” selection option

Instalooker Instagram Profile Viewer Features

You may browse and download private Instagram stories with the Instalooker Instagram profile viewer. You may download the complete image and have simple access to files and photographs on private Instagram accounts.

Since public Instagram accounts don’t have as much storage as private ones, it’s best if you have the right software to see private stories. To maintain your privacy and speed when viewing private Instagram accounts, you should utilize a profile viewer.

See Personal Accounts

Instalooker provides the ability to browse private profiles, in contrast to the free Instagram profile. The program will display all of the account holder’s posts if you only provide it their username. It’s even possible to download their movies and pictures. Anyone may use the program, which is compatible with the majority of operating systems. It should be noted that if the target account is invalid, this utility will not function.

Greatest Substitute for Ghostgero

An effective way to see Instagram profiles is via this web-based Instagram viewer. It is not only a substitute for Ghostegro but also an Instagram profile viewer. You have to use this service to log in if you want to see a private Instagram account. This program also allows you to see private Instagram accounts, view full-size profile photos, and watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Within minutes after logging on, you may begin reading private Instagram accounts. Additionally, you may download and export images and videos for later use.

Accessible on Android, iPad, and iPhone devices

This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and has an easy-to-use UI. You may also use it to capture screenshots of the images. You may even snap screenshots of the photographs with the built-in camera without jeopardizing your privacy.

Because of its geographic independence, it’s perfect for those who live in rural areas. Being able to use this program without having to provide your personal information is another significant bonus in terms of security.

What makes using this Instagram Viewer recommended?

The best method for spying on someone is to use Instalooker. This program doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer, in contrast to other utilities of a similar nature.

It functions by revealing the contents of these accounts after decrypting profiles. You can download or see the contents after decrypting the profile. Instalooker is entirely secure, unlike other tools of a similar nature.

With the use of artificial intelligence, this web application harvests private Instagram profiles. It features an attractive UI and is simple to use. The App Store offers the app for download. It guards against malware and viruses and is completely secure to use. It also enables you to surreptitiously spy on your crushes and competitors. But you ought to utilize Instalooker just if you know how to use social media.

The Greatest Instalooker Instagram Viewer Substitutes

You’ve found the best location if you’re seeking for a free Instalooker substitute. You may download photos straight from your Instagram profile to your phone without having to pay for an account. You may see and save the photos from a particular account at any time using the appropriate app.

Either the complete account or a specific collection of images can be downloaded. The fact that these apps are all totally free is the finest part.

The primary reason Instalooker is free is that all you have to do to use it is input the target Instagram profile’s username; human verification is not required. It’s quite simple to use, and you may use it to secretly spy on your competition or crush. It won’t harm your device and is entirely safe. These are a few of the most widely used Instalooker substitutes.


You may spy on any Instagram profile that you have access to using our Pikdo Instagram Viewer. You are not obliged to follow the account holder, and it is completely free.

To use our Instagram viewer, simply input your username and wait for the outcome. It is simple to use and lacks an intricate user interface. It is even possible to see images and movies on their device without their knowing.


This substitute Instagram viewer is compatible with all main platforms and is also free. The nicest thing about PrivatePhotoViewer is that you may download private Instagram content without worrying about your account’s security because it doesn’t require human authentication.

The target profile’s username is all that is needed to use the user-friendly program. You’ll receive outcomes quickly. A sneak peek at the contents of the private Instagram account will be provided.


Can I Trust Instalooker?

All you need to do to use Instalooker Safe is entering the Instagram user’s name and username. It is entirely free. No credit card information or other personal information has to be entered.

Instalooker: Is It Free?

Using Instalooker to access private Instagram accounts is totally free.

Is it possible to view someone’s private Instagram account without their knowledge?

You may see private Instagram accounts without alerting the owner by using apps like Instalooker, Pikdo, Piknu, or any other online Instagram viewer.

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